Emergency Training

The City of Bowie is getting prepared for any disasters with a Community Emergency Response Team.

Bowie residents have a chance to join the Community Emergency Response Team to help serve their city if a disaster should happen.
Dakotah Olcott, CERT Coordinator, said, "There are not enough paramedics or firefighters or police officers to handle a whole city at once. The point of CERT is to get members out there knocking on doors, get them doing traffic controls, or shelter staffing and whatever is needed."

Olcott said once you become a member you will get more than enough training to get you prepared for the job.

"We go into everything from the basic medical responding to first aid. We even train with psychology for when people are involved in an incident." Olcott added, "We go into a lot of detail and cover a lot."

CERT will have two teams available, one for teens and another for residents 18 and older. CERT officials said the only requirements are having an interest in helping your community and passing a criminal background check.

Once active, members will help out in areas where first responders can't get to.

"Everyone's minds are chaotic in the event of an emergency and CERT is here to help calm everyone down." Olcott added, "That way there's less stress on the EMC, the Chief of Police and fire department."

Joining the CERT team is free. Bowie is holding a community involvement meeting and if you are interested in learning more about the CERT program, it's on December 3rd at 6 PM at the Emergency Management Office.

The first training program for CERT members will start January 8th. It's a 7 week course, one night per week.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can contact the CERT Office at (940) 872-1890, or reach officials by cell at (940) 642-4385.

Or head over the CERT facebook page.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6