Montague Mom Murder

A Bowie man is charged with murder after police said he lead them to a body. Authorities said that body was Samantha McNorton.

The young mom had been missing since November 14th and now her family is getting some closure.

29 year old David Wayne Malone is charged with Samantha McNorton's murder and is currently behind bars in the Wise County Jail.

Samantha's parents spoke to Newschannel 6 and Randy and Jodi McNorton said they are grieving the loss of their only daughter.

Randy remembers his daughter and said, "She would walk into a room or any place and brighten it up with her laughter and smile. She loved her kids and her family."

Randy and Jodi said Samantha McNorton was reported missing on November 14th. They said she had previously left her home in Sunset to live with her uncle, in Fort Worth. Her parents said she went there to hide from David Malone, who she had been dating.

They said he was very violent with her and was very jealous and possessive. "She made the wrong decision at the wrong time." Randy added, "It was a selfish act and she was actually killed over jealously."

Samantha's parents claim Malone was threatening their daughter and grandchildren and then she turned up missing. They got word Monday that 28 year old Samantha McNorton's body had been found and that David Malone is charged with her murder.
Randy said, "You need to be a man and just admit that you planned and killed my daughter. Admit that you're selfish and that's all you wanted was to keep my daughter to yourself. Your not a man you are a snake."

Randy added, "I will never forgive him. He took something very precious from us and you cannot ask for my forgiveness. I will not forgive you."

Despite their feelings toward David, Randy and Jodi do feel for his parents. "I don't blame his family they have helped in every search, the only person we blame is David. I feel for the other family. They all knew my daughter and knowing that their son has taken my daughters life, I feel for them."

Samantha had three children from a previous relationship and the children are currently with their father.

Samantha McNortons memorial service will be held this Saturday at the First Baptist Church in Alvord, at 11:30 AM. The family has also set up a fund. If you would like to help you can visit any Wells Fargo bank and the account is under Samantha McNorton.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6