Notes From City Council

Wichita Falls City Councilors approved several ordinances at their regular meeting Tuesday morning:

The city concluded a two year negotiation with Verizon Wireless to build a cell photo tower in Weeks Park. The cell phone company is leasing 2,800 sq. ft. of space near the tennis center for a Stealth Tower. No wires or antennas will be visible on the tower, which will be disguised as a monument.

Property Administrator Pat Hoffman said, "We feel like the city got a very nice entrance sign that will be viewable from a long distance and its at no expense to the city. In addition, we're doing the public a service because that is dead area for cell phone towers."

Verizon will pay the city $1,600 a month to lease the property and will also have the option to sub-let space on the tower to other cell phone providers. The city will collect 45% of any fees those companies pay to Verizon.

Councilors also approved contracts with two construction companies for phase II of the Municipal Airport Terminal project. Phase II is the actual construction of the terminal building and Director of Aviation, Traffic and Transportation John Burrus said they've bought in the experts.

Burrus said, "We have a joint venture between a local form, Trinity/Hughes and a national firm Sundt. What's exciting about this is that we're able to use our local presence to work with local sub contractors to give them an opportunity to bid for this job. At the same time we're excited too because we have Sundt who has built airport terminals all over the united States.

The new terminal is being funded by the FAA and a debt service being paid back by a one cent property tax increase approved last September.

That same tax increase is being used to fund a new mowing initiative within city limits. Councilors approved the purchase of 9 new lawnmowers, two of which are specifically for mowing state highways within city limits. The other seven lawnmowers were purchased for the Parks Department to replace outdated equipment.