Residents Wait Years for Clean Water, Should Come Soon

It's been a frustration for years for more than one hundred Texoma residents. Soon clean water will start coming out of faucets. Construction work is underway to replace old cast iron pipes in Electra and Punkin Center. The old pipes are causing water to come out murky and brown.

Construction was originally planned for last spring but that didn't work out. If finally began just a few weeks ago and residents are pretty excited about actually having clean water for once.

If you ask Bryan Storey what he thinks of his water he'll be frank with you.

"It's hit and miss with the water," he said. "One day it will be clear and the next day it will be solid brown like rust is coming through the faucet or the bathtub."

He is one of many residents in Electra and Punkin Center that sometimes have to deal with brown water, but that should change, soon.

"The status of the water line project right now is that the volunteers and the work that they needed to accomplish for this project has been completed," said Electra City Administrator, Larry Pannell.

Along Highway 25 between 287 and Brosch Road patches of dirt can be seen. Construction crews are working on boring four spots along the route.

"Once that's completed, which we think will be next week, our city crews will begin to reconnect service," said Pannell.

That means homes along Highway 25 will have clean water by the end of the year. That's all homes affected, even those that aren't seeing any construction in front of their house. But for those that don't see pristine water.

"Any issues that we may have we will be addressing that in-house," said City Administrator Larry Pannell.

The "in house project" is along State Highway 240. Once the current project is done another one will begin along 240 near Highway 25.

Residents Newschannel 6 met in Punkin Center and City Administrator Larry Pannell want to thank those who volunteered their time last week to work on the project. The project is funded by a grant secured through Wichita County. The project came in under budget.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.