Stop The Cycle

Child abuse in Texoma is on the rise and it's especially bad during the holidays.

Pasty's House told Newschannel 6 this past year they did more forensic interviews with children dealing with abuse or sexual abuse,  than ever before.

Patsy's House officials said on one hand It's a sad fact that their numbers are rising because that means more kids are dealing with abuse, but on the other hand they are one step closer at stopping the cycle of abuse.

During the holidays children are at a higher risk for abuse. Patsy's House said as Texoma gears up for the holidays they gear up to raise awareness about prevention.

Patsy's House officials said with 80% of children who are sexual abused, the perpetrator is someone the child knows, loves, or trusts At times officials said the perpetrators are other kids.

Keri Goins, Executive Director at Patsy's House, said, "If it's a feeling in your gut, go ahead and make the call." Goins added, "We'd rather the call be made and nothing be wrong then for you to have made a mistake."

Pasty's House reported doing more than 300 interviews in the past year.

Pasty's House hired a full time counselor on staff to keep up with abuse and sexual cases.

Pasty's House offers free counseling to families who are dealing or have dealt with any type of abuse.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6