The Cost Of Thanks

People all over Texoma flooded grocery stores on Wednesday, looking for the final trimmings for their thanksgiving meals.

Lauren Lane said her family already had their turkey, "We did that earlier this week because we knew today would be crazy so today just last minute things."

As shoppers roamed the aisles looking for peas, potatoes and pies, some were concerned about how the holidays would hit their wallets. Walter Couser said, "This year its been a little bit tougher. I'm not getting as many hours as I have been in the past and moneys a little bit tighter this year. Prices on a lot of food stuff have gone up as well so it's a little more difficult."

A report from the American Farm Bureau says the average price of a thanksgiving meal in 2012 is $49.48, up 28 cents from last year. The less than 1 cent increase is far better than the jump from 2010-2011, when the average cost went up nearly $6.

Even though the price is up, everyone we spoke with said Thanksgiving is worth the cash. Lane said, "I think it's manageable and it's thanksgiving so to me we have to get it anyway's. The holidays are a big deal and we always want the same things we have every year: tradition."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6