Operation Thanksgiving

It is a time to give thanks and celebrate in a warm home with friends and family. Hundreds of airman and soldiers are spending this Thanksgiving holiday with host families across Texoma.

Sheppard Air Force Base has had another successful Operation Thanksgiving. Newschannel 6 followed one Texoma family as they welcomed eight airman in their home Thursday. The airman were so thankful for the Ramsey family.

Allen Ramsey has opened his home for friends, family and airman to enjoy. "This is my 6th year to do this. I consider this my birthday because my birthday falls around Thanksgiving." Ramsey added, "I couldn't be in the military because of my handicap, but I can do this for the military to help the military out."

Nathaniel Nord, said, "It's nice that I can spend some time with a family and not sit at home and buy subway and try to celebrate by myself. I actually get to celebrate it with another family." Nord added, "I think it's really awesome that we get this opportunity."

Joseph Paolini commented, "It may not be your own home, but you can still feel the love. You can still feel the care from another person, even if it's not your family."

Hung Nguyen said, "I've never really had a Thanksgiving before. It's something new to me so when I first walked in and saw what Thanksgiving was all like, the food, the tradition, the decorations, it was great. This is actually my first Thanksgiving."

Ramsey commented, "They thank you all the time and they rejoice. It's a good feeling you get out of it and knowing that you helped someone."

Nevin Whitlock commented, "It's wonderful to know that there are still people out there who are willing to go out of their way to bring some of us who are still in training into their home." Whitlock added, "We can still feel family love for Thanksgiving. When the holidays season rolls around, because there are people like this it takes that alone feeling away."

Eric Higgerson said, "Coming into somebody else's home and seeing the food and the amount of care they give to the military members, these are some great people and I'm so glad I'm here."
Ramsey commented, "It makes my heart real warm to know they are here and God looked down on me and let me do this." Ramsey added, "In past years we get in here and watch a movie and I've told them to make themselves at home. I look down and they are laying down asleep, and that's just about as being close to home as you can be."

Higgerson added, "These are the kind of people I wish everybody could be like because the whole world would just be a better place if everybody was like this."

Operation Thanksgiving has been a tradition at Sheppard Air Force Base for past 36 years. This year they reached their goal of 250 host families to sponsor airman and soldiers. Sheppard wants to thank you Texoma,  for showing your appreciation and making them a part of your Thanksgiving celebration.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6