Responsible Spending Key To Holiday Shopping

With holiday shopping already underway, kicked off with the frenzy of Black Friday, it's easy for some people to overspend.

Gail Cunningham with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling said spending on yourself and others during the holiday season is expected, but you must make sure your bills are your top priority.

"Things like that you need to catch up on first with the first money that comes through the door," said Cunningham. "Keep your home life stable, food on your table, gas in the car, medicine purchased, etc. That's the best use of money."

Black Friday shoppers went out in search of great deals, in order to save some money this holiday season. Although they had to deal with early mornings (or late nights), lines out the door, and pushy crowds, most Black Friday deal-hunters said the time and energy was worth the savings.

"Some people say that it's a painful experience, but actually usually everybody is very friendly to me, and it's really pretty fun," said Gena Waitman, who shopped through Thanksgiving night into Black Friday morning.