Small Business Saturday Supports Local Stores

The lesser-known day of the holiday shopping weekend of the year, Small Business Saturday, encourages shoppers to support local businesses.

Owner of the Finishing Touch on Rhea Road in Wichita Falls, James Wetherbee, said the store has a lot of deals right now, not necessarily because of Small Business Saturday, but because it is the holiday season.  He added that small mom and pop shops like his have an advantage year round as well.

"We can get a little more personal with the customer, find out more about them, they know more about us," said Wetherbee. "I've lived here all my life, a lot of people come in here that have known me since I was a little kid, and a lot of people come in here that have shopped with us since we've been in business."

Most customers we spoke to said they did not specifically come shopping because they knew it was Small Business Saturday, but regularly shop at locally owned stores.

"I like a little bit of both. I mean, obviously you can find better deals at the bigger chains stores and everything, but then the smaller stores, they have things that you can't find," said David Webb while shopping at The Finishing Touch. "I mean, that was one of the reasons I came out today, was because they have something that I can't find anywhere else anymore."

While many may not do it because of the shopping "holiday", last year, it was estimated that more than one hundred million people took part in Small Business Saturday.