Cyber Monday Safety Tips

Monday is a big day for online retailers. It has come to be known as "Cyber Monday" where millions of Americans take advantage of online deals for holiday gifts. If you're one of those millions surfing for a good deal, be sure to keep yourself protected from losing money from scams or fraud.

We have some tips for safely buying items online:

  • Confirm a website is secure before entering any information. look for an "s" after "h-t-t-p" in the u-r-l.
  • Paying with a credit card will offer more protections than debit.
  • Check statements regularly to make sure the only charges are ones you've made.
  • Keep record of order confirmations and receipts, with a designated folder in your inbox or with an app like "slice."

A reminder for those who shop on the go:

  • Don't use public wi-fi, only secure connections.
  • Lock devices with a password so data is protected even when your phone is out of your hands.
  • Work within apps from trusted sources