New Changes in Store for Sikes Senter Mall

Changes are happening at Sikes Senter Mall,45,000 square feet of it to be exact. Several new stores have opened in the past year and others have closed.

As Christmas nears so does holiday shopping. Many shoppers go to malls to find that perfect gift for that special someone. What you'll find the next time you visit Sikes Senter Mall is a lot
of new stores and customers seem to like it.

"I was really impressed with Baskins Western Store they had a lot to offer it was real nice they had a big selection of everything," said Rita Crabtree from Lawton, OK.

"Even the shops there in the center are really impressive," said her husband Bobby Crabtree.

"I love the idea of new stores, new choices, new things to look at and do," said Cynthia Davis.

Bo Bailey General Manager of Sikes Senter Mall says the new stores taking up retail space are there to fit the mall's new marketing plan.

"Ideally you're looking at the new to established families," he said. "Mothers in their late 20's to early 30's and their kids and you follow that pattern."

For some stores that pattern doesn't fit. Hallmark was recently let go and will soon be filled most likely with a retail store.
"It's just like everything else out there. You have to stay relevant you have to know what the shopper wants and the old mantra of 'If you build it they will come' that doesn't
exist anymore,'" said Bailey.

He said you can expect more changes for an inviting experience. New lighting, wifi, a play area for children are all in the works.

"We want it to be an extension of your home so you feel just at home here as you do at your home itself."

Right now a temporary merchandise display for Outback Pools & Spas is in the area where Hallmark was, but that will change in the new year.

New stores added at the mall this year include Rue 21, Shoe Department Encore, Zumiez, Perfume Max, Baskins Western and Work Wear, Maurice's, two children's stores and others.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.