Red Hot Radical Readers All-School Rally

Students are getting pumped for the Red Hot Radical Readers All-School Rally. This celebration comes after hundreds of students in the area achieved their reading goals in November.

  • Date: Tuesday, November 27
  • Time: 6:30 p.m.
  • Place: Barwise Junior High Gym
  • Address: 3807 Kemp Boulevard, Wichita Falls, TX 76308

This program originated in 1993 as Readers Are Winners, but its effectiveness has not waned over the past 19 years. During this time frame, 26,340 students have achieved their reading goals.

Fourth - 6th grade students from 11 elementary schools and one junior high school attended their individual school rallies, which occurred from Monday, November 5 through Thursday, November 15.

1,750 of these students achieved their reading goals by the end of the reading period. Students will celebrate their successes by presenting a cheer from each school and will be rewarded with a T-Shirt for goal attainment.

For questions, please contact Paula Perkins, PIE Coordinator at 235.1009 or 733.3771.

What is the Red Hot Radical Readers reading program?

Radical Readers is a reading incentive program sponsored by Wichita Falls Kiwanis Club, Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott, 92.9 NIN, McDonald's, and Partners In Education.  Red Hot Radical Readers is designed to recognize and reward students (4th-6th grade) for their reading accomplishments.  By participating in Red Hot Radical Readers, students will read more, develop better reading skills and read because they enjoy it!

What are the program goals?

  • Develop better reading skills
  • Increase the number of students achieving their goals
  • Encourage parents to support their students' progress
  • Recognize students who achieve their goals
  • Make reading fun!

How does it work?

  • Letters are sent (provided by PIE) to parents informing them of the program. Parents are asked to encourage their children to achieve their reading goals.
  • Each participating school schedules a rally. (20 minutes)
  • An obtainable reading goal is established for the student by his/her teacher.
  • The student has approximately two weeks to complete the goal. (November 5-20)
  • Students achieving their reading goals are awarded T-shirts at the RHRR rally (November 27)
  • The Red Hot Radical Readers rally will be held on November 27 (6:00 p.m.) at Barwise Junior High (gym). Parents are asked to bring their children to a brief program where students achieving their goals receive a Red Hot Radical      T-shirt.  The short evening will be full of cheers (created by each participating school), balloons and radio personalities. (Note:  If a student is unable to attend the rally, arrangements will be made to bring the T-shirt to school the following day.)

What happens at the Red Hot Radical Readers rally?

  • Each school will schedule a Red Hot Radical Readers rally. (November 5-15)
  • A radio personality will lead the rally and sponsor representatives will attend.
  • Length of school rally ~ 20 minutes
  • Students will create their own cheer
  • PIE partner coupons are awarded (McDonald's)
  • Sponsor representatives explain the RHRR program
  • Bookmarks (provided by the Wichita Falls Kiwanis Club) are given to students as reading incentives

What awards are given to students (4th-6th grades) achieving their goals?

  • Students Receive a Red Hot Radical Readers T-shirt at the RHRR rally
  • Students Attend RHRR rally (November 27 @ Barwise Junior High ).  School cheers are performed.

What are the responsibilities of the RHRR Campus Coordinator?

  • Provide Red Hot Radical Readers information to faculty
  • Send appropriate letters (copy letter provided by PIE) to parents
  • Allow teachers to promote Radical Readers  (optional: decorate classrooms, halls, progression charts)
  • Ask students to make morning announcements promoting the program
  • Schedule rally (4th - 6th grades)
  • Provide number of students achieving reading goals to PIE
  • Distribute information about the final RHRR rally

How long has Red Hot Radical Readers been active in the schools?

The program first began in 1993 as "Readers Are Winners."