Fort Sill Wounded Soldiers Honored in Burkburnett

Dozens of wounded warriors were recognized in Burkburnett Tuesday evening. Military Officers Association of America welcomed the solider's from north of the Red River. Those honored fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Patriot Guard lead the way to Burkburnett from Ft. Sill Tuesday. There were many onlookers along the way.

"It's gotten to be an annual event we do it usually around Veterans Day," said Larry Petrash, President of the Wichita Falls Chapter of Military Officers Association of America.

The dinner was for the 100 wounded warriors who came from Fort Sill. They were welcomed with smiles and appreciation, but it went both ways.

"It's an opportunity for us to express our appreciation and for the community to express their appreciation for their soldiers who have sacrificed so much to serve their country," said Chief of the Artillery U.S. Army, Brian McKiernan.

The Military Officers Association of America puts on these events every year.
It's a chance for the men and women to forget about any problem or circumstance their facing and let loose and have fun because for some the journey is rough.

"You know they deal with PTSD in addition to the physical injuries so that's like being hurt and you have a 200 lb. gorilla on the back and you're trying to make it through life," said Petrash.

"Deep down they really appreciate the show of thanks and gratitude that the citizens of Burk and the local community are providing," said McKiernan.

The night concluded with music and name recognition of the solders.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.