Women in Combat

Women serving in the military could have more of an opportunity at fighting on the frontline. This comes after four women filed a lawsuit challenging the Pentagon's ban on women serving in combat.

Many agree women fighting on the frontline on ground combat units is considered more dangerous, but others agree women should be given the equal chance in the military world.

Marcia Rossi, Veteran Service Officer of Wichita County, said, "To put women out there to fight combat it's an issue that needs to be addressed." Rossi added, "The Department Of Defense is looking at that issue and it may come to pass and it's something the American people will just have to accept."

Rossi said not everyone can see the potential risk involved.

"The gear and the danger of a woman lifting the weight that the men have to lift." Rossi added, "Also, the care that other military male members have for the female members."

Rossi said men and woman are programmed differently and  it can be a hazard. She said men will instinctively be protective.

"Men will step in front of a woman and take a bullet or a blast. Also, you might have a hesitation from the female." Rossi added, "You cannot hesitate and you have to make an instantaneous decision and everyone is taught that. They are taught to not hesitate and not to think about your family back home."

Tonya Gideon can see both arguments, but hopes to see more of an equal situation in the military. "A man would probably be very prone and be willing to protect a woman out on the battlefield, but I also think that she could hold her own and do what she needs to do."

Veteran officials said they wouldn't be shocked if in the near future we start to see more women in combat. They do fear that if that's the case more women would be less inclined to join the military, knowing the potential danger in the position.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6