Benefit for Kyler

Texas Nite Life opened its doors Sunday for a Texoma boy undergoing cancer treatment in Fort Worth. Family and friends united to support the family during this difficult time. The money raised will go a long way in helping the family with medical expenses.

Kyler Marlar is at Cooks Children's Hospital with his parents right now in Fort Worth. He's seeking treatment for glioma, a tumor on his brain stem. We had a chance to speak to his sister and friends who came out to support the Marlar family.

Sunday afternoon Texas Nite Life was filled with music, dancing and goodies.

"It's great it's amazing how people come out and help everybody, it's awesome," said friend Keith Deason.

"He loves video games," said his sister Kaitlyn Marlar. "He's a big technology person and when I need help on the computer I know to go to him."

Kyler struggles with something serious enough to take his life, a tumor on his brain stem.

"When they took out the tumor it caused major swelling so he was paralyzed on his left side including left lung and diaphragm."

He is gaining movement here and there but not enough to release him from the hospital. Kyler's mom works for the postal service. She spends so much time with her son in the hospital she doesn't work and therefore doesn't get paid.

"It takes money when you have somebody sick in your family to take off work and then drive down to wherever you have to drive down to and be down there and pay for your expenses down there," said Race Rutledge, Texas Nite Life Co-Owner.

Race and wife Elsie were more than happy to open their doors for this benefit.

"When you get all these people together it's hope and that's what it's all about," said Elsie Rutledge.

"If their child was in the same position my family would do the same for them," said Kaitlyn.

They raised at least $15,000 through this benefit. Kyler will remain at Cook Children's Medical Hospital in Fort Worth for at least a couple more months.

Kyler has a fund set up at Union Square Federal Credit Union under account number: 143787147.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.