Christmas Wish List For Children's Shelter

This Christmas season, we all should remember that there are those in our community that are less fortunate that we are. For this reason, Troop 1 will be collecting items for children who stay at the Children's home and Teen Shelter of Wichita Falls.

The shelter is asking for your donations. Below is a list of needs:

  • Gloves, hats mittens & scarves (children range in age from 2 - 17)
  • Fleece or sweat pant sets are great as all kids like them...and they fit more diverse body sizes.
  • Twin Mattress Protectors (Zippered) & Mattress Pads.
  • Towels, Hand Towels & Wash Cloths.
  • Portable CD Players & MP3 Players with Headphones.
  • Wii & X-Box 360 Kinect Games (No Violence).
  • Board Games (ages 2-17) (We don't need Candy Land)
  • Toys:
    • Multi-Cultural Dolls & Barbie's and Barbie House Supplies
    • Car set and Race Tracks
    • Monster High Dolls
    • LALA Loopsies
    • Polly Pocket Princess Doll sets
    • Kitchen and Builder sets
    • Legos
    • Sports balls.
  • Craft Kits, Models, Drawing Kits, Scrap Sets, and Art Supplies.
  • Teenage Presents (Grooming Kits, Make-up Sets, Bath Set).
  • Gift Cards for:
    • Clothing
    • Shoes
    • Make-up
    • movies
    • The Plex
    • Skating
    • Mini-Golf
    • Bowling
  • Gift Cards for basic shelter needs.
  • Cleaning supplies:
    • Lysol
    • He liquid Laundry Detergent
    • Stain Remover
    • Fabulous
    • Dish Soap
    • Bounce
  • Bleach/Clorox Wipes
  • Canned fruits and vegetables.
  • Child friendly snack items.

Donations will be collected until December 18, after 6:30 p.m. That way they can be delivered in time to be sorted and wrapped.

You can bring it by the Troop 1 Scout hut located on the corner of Tenth and Polk St. If you'd like to arrange to have your donation picked up you can contact Blaney Eathorne at or (940) 923-7971.

These children often arrive with nothing more than the clothes they have on. They are placed in the Children's home mostly as a result of a court order and have suffered from the abuse, neglect, abandonment, and parental rejection. They may stay a few hours, days, weeks or months or longer.

To the abused, abandoned, neglected, or runaway youth, the Children's Home or the Teen Emergency Shelter is the best home they have ever known. The home like surroundings becomes a loving home and a safe place.

You can learn more about the Children's' Aid Society here.