Crews To Survey Water And Wastewater Infrastructure

WICHITA FALLS - The Public Works Department will be conducting a physical survey of the City's water and wastewater infrastructure beginning, Monday, December 3rd with an anticipated completion date of December 14th.

The areas to be surveyed are located south of Kell Blvd., between Fairway and Kemp streets.

Survey crews will work from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. They will be wearing reflective safety vests and be accompanied by City personnel.

There may be instances when the crews will have to access residential backyards for measuring sewer lines. Homeowners will be notified in advance, with a door hanger, indicating when crews will need access to the backyard.

If citizens are concerned about this process or have questions about someone wanting access to their property please contact the Public Works Department at 761-7477.

The survey crews WILL NOT under any circumstances need to enter a home. If someone is attempting to do this, citizens are urged to contact the Police Department.

Crews will also be measuring infrastructure under city streets. Everyone is asked to please be aware of their presence, slow down, and drive safely around them while they perform their survey work.