Forecast For Bugs

Biologist say the mild warm winter we've been seeing across Texoma, can lead to an over population of bugs come spring. 
Winter is just a few weeks away and with these warmer temperatures, some could assume we were in the middle of spring.

Doctor Ray Willis, Vertebrate Biologist at Midwestern State, said all the nice weather has its down falls.

Dr. Willis said, "When it starts warming up, the animals that are under the ground will come back out and start their daily lives again, and start their life cycle again."

Depending when the cold weather occurs, Dr. Willis said you will have a really bad spring, as far as a rebound of insects.

"When you get these unseasonably warm winters, especially with insects, what happens is it doesn't beat them back or freeze them off." Dr. Willis added, "In that case there's not really a decline in a population."
We can anticipate a larger fly, moth, grasshopper, even mosquito population.

"A hard freeze will typical kill those down for about one or two months where they remain dormant." Dr. Willis added, "Verses when you have warm temperatures you're going to have those guys reproducing again."
Plants will also be affected.

"When you have seasonal high temperatures during the winter and no rain, food crops take a hit." Dr. Willis added besides the lack of rain, "During the spring they've got that added pressure of insects that are using them as a food source."

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6