Lakes Drying Up, Boat Ramps Unusable

Lack of rain is having a huge impact on our lakes. Lakeshores are drying up fast. At many lakes it's nearly impossible for boaters to get their boat onto the lake unless it's small like a canoe.

When you take a look at Lake Wichita you can see how bad our drought is getting.

"It's never been this bad, I've been here 15 years," said Robert Mauk, Texas Parks & Wildlife. "Lake Diversion, Kemp, Buffalo, Wichita, all those the boat ramps will be high and dry," he said.

Boat ramps across Texoma are nearly unusable. Lake Arrowhead only has its west end boat docking area open. Depending on the day you might get lucky at Kickapoo; if you don't more than likely you'll end up at a repair shop.

"A lot of prop damage because your prop is your main source  of the boat. We've had a considerable amount of prop repair this year," said Rodney Brown, owner of Larry's Marine Center.

Cost to fix your boat can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. That's why they advise people to take a few precautions the next time you head to the lake.

Robert with Texas Parks & Wildlife said Possum Kingdom has extended its boat ramps. He said most of the ramps around here are not extendable

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.