Passenger Pulls Gun On Taxi Driver

Demarcus Aaron Carson, 19
Demarcus Aaron Carson, 19

A taxi driver took action when a passenger tried to rob him at gun point. Police said they have a suspect in custody.

WFPD officers were sent to Rosewood and Walnut St. on November 15 just before 5 a.m. in reference to an attempted robbery. A taxi driver told officers he had picked up Demarcus Aaron Carson, 19, at the Stripes on Broad St. who told him he wanted to go to Sun Valley apartments.

The driver said Carson then changed the destination two more times before telling the him to pull over in the 400 block of California Rd. Carson then opened the door, showed a black semi-automatic handgun and said, "Give me your money and I won't shoot you."

The driver then floored it, and Carson either jumped or fell out of the vehicle. Officers then went to the stripes store to watch surveillance video, and identified the suspect from the driver's description.

Officers recognized Carson, and a photo lineup was presented to the driver who picked him out. Carson was interviewed and identified himself as the guy leaving the Stripes. He denied committing the robbery.

Carson was arrested Friday and is being held in Wichita Co. Jail on $750,000 bond.