Laying Down the Lines

Unmarked lanes on some Wichita Falls streets has drivers talking. Vanishing street lines or streets without stripping can be a hazard.

Some drivers don't have a problem with faded or missing lines, but others clearly feel it's a distraction. Either way they all agree that it would be better to have clearly marked lines on the streets.

City Engineer Blane Boswell said a handful of streets in the falls are getting improvements under the 2012 Street Rehabilitation Project.

Boswell said the city hires a contractor to improve the streets, then the contractor hires a subcontractor to stripe the lanes.
Newschannel 6 headed out to Taft and Southwest Parkway where lines have been missing for weeks to see how drivers deal.

Jessica Cortez, said, "I get distracted easily so I could only imagine how other drivers feel. Also, how it would affect other drivers not being able to see the lines."

John Jerrad Burlton, said, "I worry more about an elderly person, somebody who can't see to well. I don't think it's that big of a deal and of course they need to get out there and get it done, but I also understand those guys are busy."

Other existing streets needing stripping touch-ups because of fading, are also a problem for some drivers.

City Engineers said stripping contractors will be coming in from out of town Monday to mark lanes on multiple roads around Wichita Falls.
It will take them about two weeks.

The areas that are going to be re-stripped over the next two weeks are:
Taft Blvd. From Southwest Parkway to Midwestern
Missile Rd. and I-44 to State HWY 240
Scott St. From 8th to Wichita River Bridge
River Rd from Rosewood to the Water Treatment Plant.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6