Drug Dogs Double in Olney

Olney has not only one but two drug dogs to help fight crime. Two months ago the police department received the newest K9 and just two weeks ago the dog finally got certified.

You may recall Missy the dog Olney Police Department received 2.5 years ago. Since then her and her partner Charles Parker have cracked down on major drug finds from meth, marijuana, you name it. Now the department has another partner in fighting crime, Fox.

"Having two is just a great opportunity for us," said Sgt. Miranda Wright.

"It's a very big deal. Now nobody knows when the dogs are going to be out," said Officer Parker.

Fox is Miranda Wright's narcotics and patrol dog.

"If we have somebody that's running on foot what they can do is help us detain the person."

Already Fox as made some finds, friends and enemies along the way. Olney has it's fair share of drugs and for criminals it's wasn't hard to work around Missy's schedule but now that there are two dogs their whereabouts will be harder to track.

"Before we only had one dog and they would listen to the scanner and radio and they knew when I would be out, but now they don't know who's going to be out or when they're going to be out," said Officer Charles Parker.

For department as small as theirs. having one and especially K9's is quite a big
deal. These dogs may not know it but their small paws are making a big imprint on the town.

Olney PD received the dog from the Archer City Police Department at the cost of one dollar a year as a lease.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.