Coat Donations Low in Warmer Weather

Texomans have donated about 650 winter items, so far, through the 2012 Newschannel 6 Coat & Blanket Drive. However, the amount of donations are lower than in past years.

"It's been a little bit slower, and I don't know if that's just because of the way things are or if it's because of the weather," said Executive Director of Faith Mission Steve Sparks. "People aren't really thinking about coats right now because the weather is so warm."

All of the donations collected through Newschannel 6's Coat & Blanket Drive are given to Faith Mission, where the need is even higher during the holiday season.

"Our goal is to make sure that anybody who asks for a coat, gets one," said Sparks. "And we have been having a lot of people coming in and asking for coats."

You can donate your winter coats, blankets and any other winter items until Dec. 21st, at the Newschannel 6 station, 3601 Seymour Highway.

Faith Mission gives away coats every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12:30-2p.m. at 1300 Travis St., Wichita Falls.