Winter Blast 2012- Road Response

Your commute could have been a lot worse but TXDOT and Wichita Falls City crews were out working hard to make sure your travels stayed safe.

Wichita Falls Streets Department had four of their six trucks out at  7 A.M. hitting the road spreading sand on trouble spots.

TXDOT also helped out by bringing in extra man power and had seven plow trucks out de-icing.
Once the snow fell and starting to turn into ice, city and TXDOT crews referred to their priority list, focusing on major streets and highways traveled by residents and also bridges and over passes.
TXDOT officials said despite roads being clear, everyone is encouraged to drive safely because tomorrow could be just as bad.

Adele Lewis PIO with Texas Department of Transportation said, "People should know where these trouble spots and be careful. Wherever you're going to have to come to a complete stop, or cross in a shady area, or drive through a curb bridge or overpass, be cautious." Lewis added, "These are the first ones to freeze and the last ones to melt off."

TXDOT officials recommend in the case of any snow or icy roads, stay home to avoid any dangerous road conditions. If you do have to commute drive very careful and slow, especially while traveling through intersections.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6