12/12/12: Celebrate The Date

Texoman couples came together at the Wichita County Courthouse in order to have 12/12/12 as their wedding anniversary date.

When they couldn't get into the courthouse in their home state of Oklahoma, Kayla Herndon and Jesse Meza came to Wichita County in order to get their marriage license on this date.

Herdon was in black pants and a black shirt for the ceremony officiated by a Justice of the Peace. However, she has a white, formal gown for their "real" wedding, which is not until Dec. 15th.

The couple got engaged on 11/11/11, when they were in Corpus Christi and people were making a big deal out of the date.

"We were at the mall and we decided to go get a ring and I proposed to her there at the mall," said Meza. The plan all along was to get married on 12/12/12.

Herndon said she just liked the triple repeating digits, and she is not worried about having to share her date with the thousands of others getting married on this date. According to a survey, about 7,500 couples nationwide plan to wed on 12/12/12.

Herndon's new husband on the other hand, thinks the catchy date will help him remember anniversary presents.

"I can just buy it like a few days late and it will be like an early Christmas/late wedding present..." laughed Meza. "He thinks that, but that's not how it works," Herndon laughed back.