Wreaths Across America

A ceremony at Eastview Cemetery in Vernon was part of a much larger program, "Wreaths Across America",  to honor military service members, past and present.

"All of the ceremonies are simultaneous across the country and around the world," said Event Organizer Mary Latimer. "We have ceremonies in Europe at the graves of fallen soldiers that weren't able to be returned home."

One wreath for each branch of the military and those missing in action, were hung from a memorial at the center of the cemetery. Individuals and organizations could also sponsor a wreath to be placed on a soldier's grave.

"We honor all of the veterans. Those who serve, those who died in action, but also those who came home and raised their families and lived quiet lives," said Latimer. "And those who are in service now, they know that they will be remembered."

Cadets placed about 85 wreaths, which is a lower turn out than in past years. "I'm a little disappointed with the number, but my philosophy is that when we place one wreath to honor one soldier, we honor every soldier that we remember, so one wreath honors many," said Latimer.

Next year, "Wreaths Across America" is looking to make its way to Wichita Falls and hold a ceremony at Crestview Cemetery on Southwest Parkway.