BBB Offers Tips For Year-End Giving

Giving is an important part of the holiday season for many of us and for some it marks the end of the tax year where contributions can be deducted on 2012 taxes.

The Better Business Bureau urges donors to check charities out and offers the following tips for year-end giving:

1) Don't hesitate to ask for written information about the programs and finances. You want to know how much of the donation is being spent on staff and operational costs.

2) Don't be pressured to giving on the spot or for stories that make you want to cry. A charity that could use your money today will welcome it just as much tomorrow.

3) Before donating online makes sure the charities website is secure and that is has a privacy policy on the use of your name, email or other personal information. A secure website will begin with https:// and you need to verify that before entering any payment information.

4) If buying a product or service from a third party that claims to support a charity with a portion of the proceeds find out what percentage of the purchase actually goes to the charity.

5) Before donating used items make sure that are in good shape to be reused, donating junk can be a burden on the charity.

Remember, you can check out a charity at