Helping Mental Health

As details emerge on the Sandy Hook gunman, experts are saying he could have suffered from a mental illness.

Newschannel 6 sat down with experts from Rose Street Mental Health Care who said it's imperative to help those with mental illness.

While many are still trying to process what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, mental health experts also said it's important that those affected by the shooting get help.

David M. Sabine, Clinical Psychologist, said communication and raising awareness about mental health is key.

Doctor Sabine said parents need to ask questions, and for those diagnosed with a mental illness it's important they aren't pushed away or stereotyped.
Health experts say there are a number of disorders that can lead to a child being aggressive, but it takes a community to help children in need.

Dr. Sabine said, "It takes a community to identify these people, it takes the mental health community to be vigilant and to do their jobs well."

He added, "It also requires moms and dads, teachers, police officers and pastors to get to know those people and their influence."

Health experts said some signs or symptoms of mental illness could be, people who are feeling pushed out of social groups or people who feel persecuted."

Texoma has a wide range of services available for those living with a mental illness. In the public health authority, Helen Farabee offers many services. For private mental health, Rose Street Mental Health Care also offers services.

Wichita Falls chapter of NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness helps families and people living with mental health.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6