Kids and the Flu

More flu cases are being reported in Texoma and medical experts say parents need to make sure your kids are vaccinated.

Health experts from Wichita Falls Family Practice said children are considered high-risk and can suffer from flu-related complications.

Getting the vaccine is the best way to protect your kids.
A simple flu could turn into something very serious and dangerous. Health experts said a child can get pneumonia, a sinus infection, or fluid in the brain.
Taking preventative measures after a flu shot is also important. Parents are also asked to watch for symptoms.

Doctor Ahmed A. Mattar, Program Director with Wichita Falls Family Practice, said, "The kids that have the flu are very lethargic and they are not active. They don't want to eat, they may start to urinate less because they are drinking less fluids."

Doctor Mattar added, "They are just laying there and they have higher temperatures, and after taking medicine it doesn't go away."

Health experts also said any child getting the flu shot for the first time, between six months to eight years of age, needs to be vaccinated twice.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6