Changing the Way Your Healthcare Information is Stored

It's a concept that will change the way your healthcare is handled. Earlier this year Wilbarger General Hospital was chosen as the facility for a healthcare information exchange pilot program.

The idea is simple, access to your healthcare information no matter where you go. You have a debit or credit card and no matter where you travel your money travels with you. Healthcare is not like that. From one hospital to the other you're constantly filling out the same paperwork.  A simple device will change that.

In a small room locked away these Holon devices are changing the way Wilbarger General Hospital handles its patient information.

"A lot of the time when you're in an emergency situation you're having to rely on somebody else to be your historian and they may not know all the details specific to your situation," said Jonathon Voelkel Chief Executive Officer of Wilbarger General Hospital.

"It's is a technology that enables caregivers to interact with one another transferring patient information in a secure fashion," said Mike McGuire, CEO of Holon Solutions.

He is working alongside TORCH, Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals and Wilbarger to test the pilot program, first in a rural hospital. Input from physicians will help craft the ultimate solution to something that we've all had to deal with one time or another.

"How many times have you gone to many doctors offices and have had to fill out the same information over and over again. Well, if we get this to work we won't have to do it but once," said McGuire.

One time. That's it. Mike says all the hospital has to do is plug in the device and they'll take it from there. When a patient arrives they're information can be accessed with their name. The support system is based out of Georgia so all of the legwork will be from them, not physicians or patients.

"It's a need that every hospital is going to have to be able to exchange this information back and forth securely," said David Pearson, Texas Organization of Rural and Community Healthcare. "It's going to become a requirement so what we want to do is get ahead of the curve."

Right now the program is at Wilbarger and four physician practices. They're able to seamlessly exchange patient information but in the next 24 months it will likely be spread across Texas and even the U.S. and it all started right here in Vernon, Texas.

Another plan they have is instead of having to come back to your doctor for test results what if your physician just simply sent it to your phone and what if you could send information back, it saves time. We're told the cost is inexpensive.

Wilbarger was chosen out of thousands of other hospitals because the hospital already invested a lot in their operating infrastructure.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.