High Fire Danger

High wind fire danger concerns have volunteer fire departments across Texoma ready to step into action.

Firefighters said strong winds can be very dangerous and if anything catches fire, flames can travel very fast.

Henrietta VFD said the biggest concern is power lines swaying and popping. Departments have been on stand-by all day anticipating what could become a hectic fire day.

Firefighters said when departments are battling multiple fires in a day, it could mean a hefty price tag. Fuel, popped tires and broken equipment can put a VFD up to $4,000 in the hole.

Mike Roberts, Fire Chief of Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department, said, "Nobody thinks about donating when there's no fires and you don't hear the sirens through town."

Roberts added, "Fire departments need money all the time. It takes a lot of money to run the gas bill and run the heaters to keep the trucks from freezing, in the winter time."

Departments ask that residents put their safety first and if you do see smoke or flames get away. They also ask if you do see power lines popping call 911.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6