People Rush To Post Office To Mail Out Gifts In Time

Time is ticking for people in Texoma who want to send packages and get them delivered just in time for Christmas.

"Oh yeah, I wait until the last minute every year, it never fails and I say I'm not but I do. So yeah I was worried," said Racheal Rallis.

If you're planning on mailing a Christmas gift through the post office, heading there on Friday is the last chance you will have, but it will cost you more.

USPS's Manager of Costumer Service John Ballenger says, "We recommend now that people start using express mail in order to get it there if it has to be there before Christmas."

It's been the busiest week of the year for post office employees. They've been working extra hours even on their days off to help those standing in line send their Christmas gifts. If you're worried about waiting a long time to send out your mail, Ballenger says you should fill out any forms or labels before you get to the clerk. Once you get to the clerk, there's one important thing you should remember.

"We would ask that if you're mailing anything of a fragile nature that you let the clerks know that before mailing it. Also take precaution to prepare it carefully so it doesn't get damaged in handling or shipping," said Ballenger.

If it's receiving a package what's making you worry, Ballenger says the majority of the mail will be getting to Wichita Falls between Thursday and Saturday. Mail carriers will still be delivering on Christmas eve and even some last minute items on Christmas day.

Ballenger says, "They've been working somewhere in the neighborhood of between 9 and 11 hours a day trying to get all of their mail delivered. We work very hard to try to make sure that the items that come through are delivered that same day."

If you're planning on mailing a card or a letter to someone who is in the East or West coast on Friday, you'll also have to send it through express mail to make sure it's delivered before Christmas.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6