Holiday Safety

Several of you probably still have some last minute shopping to do before Christmas, and the Wichita Falls Police Department wants you to stay safe and avoid becoming a target for thieves.
Police do see an increase of theft around malls and shopping centers. WFPD officers said they will put extra patrol efforts around those places, to ensure your safety.

Police suggested that you don't leave any valuables laying around in your car, or don't be distracted while loading and unloading shopping bags.

They also suggested, that at home you don't display presents by a window where thieves could see. 
Sergeant. John Spragins, P.I.O. For WFPD, said you can also protect yourself after the holidays.

"The large boxes or items you may receive, try to tear those up and cut them up and put them into the dumpster."

Sgt. Spragins added, "That's again one of those things that advertise for people who are driving around in the neighborhoods."

The Wichita Falls Police Department says if you happen to be out of town for the holidays you can sign up for property patrol check.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6