TxDOT Prepared for Heavy Travel

Trip Advisor reports nearly 50% of Americans will travel during the holidays this year and of those 48% plan to drive, making for crowded roads in Texoma.

Adele Lewis with TxDOT Wichita Falls said drivers should be aware that many industries don't stop for Christmas, meaning there will still be big rigs out on the road. She said, "We have increased passenger cars. We have the regular, if not more, semi trucks that think they can get through to their destination quicker." She added TxDOT has suspended all construction projects through the new year.

For more than a week Newschannel 6 has been tracking a winter storm that could deliver a white Christmas and all the travel headaches that come with it. Lewis said they're well aware of the threat from Mother Nature and have been preparing all week. She said, "All the bridges and overpasses in my district have now been prepared with Freezeguard."

The Freezeguard liquid is sprayed on roads and lies dormant until it rains or snows. When it activates it can help prevent those important roads from freezing over. Lewis said they're also prepared with plows to spread sand and salt in the event the rain turns to snow.

Even with all the preparations, no one can truly prepare for what mother nature might throw at them. Lewis said there are still scenarios that could cause problems. She said, "Snow is easy, we can plow snow but we can't plow ice. If it does rain, and wash away all our chemicals then put a nice slick layer of ice in there, then go with the snow, people may not realize how thick that layer of ice is and that's the really dangerous part."

She said the important things are to drive smart, sober and slowly if the weather turns bad. You can find the latest TXDOT Wichita Falls information on their Homepage, Twitter, or Facebook.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6