Law Enforcement on High Alert

Area law enforcement is on high alert this holiday season. From Deputies to Officers and Troopers there's an increased presence across the area. Wichita County Sheriff David Duke said his deputies began extra patrols weeks ago.

"It the evening time and night time we do have more enforcement that's looking for DWI's and of course narcotics trafficking and burglaries on the business side of it," said Sheriff Duke.

Department of public safety troopers have other things they're keeping an eye on.

"We'll be looking for drunk drivers people not wearing their seat belts people speeding so be aware of that try to slow down don't drink and drive this holiday. Find a designated driver," said Daniel Hawthorne, Department of Public Safety.

Last holiday season troopers made more than 1,100 DWI arrests. They say 350 of those arrests were made directly from increased patrols.