"Home For The Holidays" Adoption Event

The Wichita County Humane Society is currently over capacity, and is trying to adopt out some animals before the holidays.

"It is a stressful time, but if you're going to be home at Christmas, we feel like that's a better place for them to be than at the shelter, especially when we're so overcrowded," said Humane Society Executive Director Patti Hilliard.

On Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 22nd and 23rd, dogs can be adopted for $75 and cats are just $40.

The Humane Society has adopted out a little more than 100 animals so far this month, which is a good number, but other needing animals are always there to fill their empty spots.

"There are people that will get rid of their animals at Christmas," said Hilliard. "If they were thinking about getting rid of them, they'll think that's a good time, because they're leaving town and they don't want to have to find someone to take care of their animals."

Although animals are popular Christmas presents, Hilliard said they do not suggest giving one as a surprise.

"You can come out and pay for the adoption and get a voucher, and then that person that the dog or cat is going to be for can actually come in and pick it out," said Hilliard. "That works a lot better, so they can pick out the animal they really want."