4 Arrested In Meth Bust

Wichita County Sheriff's Department arrested four people late Sunday night in connection with a drug bust at a house in Wichita County.

It happened around 11 p.m. on the 4100 block of Mustang Street.

Wichita County Sheriff Deputy Derrald Choate told Newschannel 6 that the department received a tip about possible drug activity in the home. When deputies approached the front door of the home, one of the residents answered. Sheriff Choate said authorities could see drug-making equipment in plain view and smelled a strong chemical odor. When deputies attempted to detain the resident, one suspect tried to get away. He was tased and taken into custody, along with two other men and one woman.
Wichita County Sheriff's Department obtained a search warrant and found more than 900 grams of liquid Meth inside the home.

The man who was tased was taken to the hospital for observation, and later released.

All four suspects are in the Wichita County jail, awaiting formal charges.