Out of the Cold

We are expecting another freezing cold night and Faith Mission is making sure no one is left out in the cold.

Faith Mission is opening their doors for anyone needing a warm place to sleep and stay.

Staff said they are at full capacity, but will not turn anyone away in these conditions. People in need are extremely thankful for Faith Mission.
Staff said they have tried to make Faith Mission a home for the winter holidays and in the frigid elements everyone is welcome.

Manuel Moreno, Program Director at Faith Mission, said, "If we get filled up we get mats and we put them on the floor. We have the chapel and we can also put people in there."

Moreno added, "We have another dorm on the other side of the mission, it use to be the woman dorm. Now that the women are at the other place, we'll put them there or where ever we can. They are not going to spend the night outside."

Faith Mission said they have also provided warm hats, shoes and clothes for anyone in need.

With the help of Texoma and Newschannel 6 Coat and Blanket Drive, hundreds of families in need  can stay warm this holiday season.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6