TxDOT "Very Excited" With Storm Performance

TxDOT Public Information Officer Adele Lewis said crews responded so successfully to the Christmas Day storm, they were ahead of schedule the day after.

"There's been so much thawing; the chemicals, the traffic,  Mother Nature, have really agreed with us," said Lewis. "And the guys have been out there plowing like crazy and getting that snow off of the main highways."

By Wednesday, Dec. 26th afternoon/evening, TxDOT crews were expected to start work further out in the counties. "Now that the main roadways are...are in really good shape, we can get onto the FMs and the smaller state highways and roadways where there's less traffic," said Lewis.

Still, by Wednesday afternoon, The Department of Public Safety Troopers had responded to at least 40 accidents in Clay and Wichita Counties. Wichita Falls Police responded to about 35 accidents and 40 traffic hazards within city limits, since Christmas morning.

One accident on Hwy. 287 injured seven people and backed up traffic for hours. The jaws of life were used to remove one woman, who was then care-flighted to United Regional with non-life threatening injuries.

Lewis said TxDOT had 60 crews spread over eight counties, all working 12 hour shifts, around the clock. "We throw everything we have at a storm as it begins, but there's no predicting how that storm is going to go or how much ice we're going to get," said Lewis.

However, that doesn't mean TxDOT won't still evaluate its performance during this year's Christmas storm.

"We'll go ahead and triage what we did great and what we could do better for next time, and we're always looking into new technology and items that come on the market that will make our jobs that much more effective," said Lewis.