Cold Canines

Animal Services are cracking down on irresponsible pet owners. Residents and neighbors are concerned about pets left outside in the cold without proper shelter.

Wichita Falls Animal Services said they are out looking for those pet owners not following city ordinances.

Every outside pet should have some type of shelter with a roof a floor and three sides, and be the proper size. It also needs to have the proper bedding inside, preferably some type of hay, fabric, or material that can provide some warmth.
Animals Services needs your help to keep the pooches safe.

Katrena Mitchell, Animal Services Administrator, said, "If people see a problem and they are driving through town or they see a neighbor, don't wait until the snow to call us."

Mitchell added, "Call in ahead of time and be proactive so that we can help out before something happens."
Animals Services has issued nearly a dozen citations this month. A citation can run up to $425 per offense.
To read all of the ordinances regarding pets for the City of Wichita Falls click here.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6