Resolving To Keep This Year's Resolution

The most popular New Year's Resolution for 2013 is a healthier lifestyle, and many people hit the gym at the beginning of the year. However, sticking to that Resolution is the harder part.

Michae Boyd at Planet Fitness said the most important thing is to incorporate your Resolution into your everyday life.

"I think a New Year's Resolution should be not just to get into the gym, but make it a lifestyle," said Boyd. "So it doesn't just go for the beginning of the year, it should be for the entire year."

That means if your goal is to get fit in the new year, you must balance working out and eating right.

Boyd also said not being able to get to the gym or afford a membership, should not be an excuse. "Instead of driving to the park, walk to the park. Whenever I go to the store, I park in the parking lot as far as I can and I walk. I do stuff at home, during commercials I get up and do stuff," said Boyd.

Then, she said to make your Resolution manageable and not overwhelming, by giving yourself smaller, reachable milestones.

"I definitely think you should set smaller goals," said Boyd. "Something you can achieve, whether it's losing five pounds in a month, and then going on and going on."

Also, Boyd stresses the importance of motivating yourself, and she said motivation will be different for every person.