New Year's Baby Brings Hope For Her Parents

Brinna Hope Williams was the first child to be born on 2013 in Wichita Falls.

With a new year and a new baby, Bridgette Skaggs and Jason Williams welcomed a new life.

"It's an amazing feeling. It is a new beginning for us. Just like you said it's a new year and we're starting it off right," said Williams.

Brinna was born at 2:30am at United Regional Hospital weighing around 5lbs. Starting off the new year with a new baby has been a long hard road for these parents. They were hoping their son Keaton would become a big brother for a while, and that's why Brinna's middle name is now Hope.

Skaggs says, "She's tried to come several times. We've had several miscarriages and I lost my job in the process so it's been a struggle just to have her. It's been stressful."

But the stress is now over and now they're just enjoying getting to know their baby girl and hoping the rest of the year is as good as this day.

"She's pretty much been sleeping the whole time. She's been making noises, she talks to daddy," said Williams.

And Skaggs adds, "It's a relief that she's here and eventually I can go back to look for a job and all the good stuff but it's definitely worth the struggles."

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel Six