UPDATE: Pickup Strikes And Kills Scotland Woman

A tragic accident in Scotland claims the life of a Texoma woman who was known and loved by nearly everyone in town.

It was 6 a.m. when 54-year-old Lois Luig and 46-year-old Kim Hemmi were walking northbound on the southbound lane of FM 172. It's a walk the two best friends took everyday for the past 6 years. But in just seconds, tragedy struck. Sgt.. Toby Catlin from the Department of Public Safety describes what he saw once he had to rush to the area.

"When we go to the scene, I saw two females, one laying in the ditch and one was standing on the side of the road. Also a vehicle with a male driver standing outside it," said Catlin.

According to Catlin Luig and Hemmi were walking when they saw a milk truck turn on the lane they were walking in. The women crossed over to the northbound lane to get out of the truck's way. A family friend of Luig says shortly after Hemmi looked back and saw a pickup truck approaching them from behind. She quickly moved back into the southbound lane but in just seconds the driver of the pick up, 61-year-old Kenneth Berend slammed his breaks but ended up hitting Luig. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The family friend and Catlin agree it was just an accident.

"It's still under investigation at this time. As of now no charges are being filed. It looks like basically he topped the hill and when he topped it they were walking in the middle of the roadway," said Catlin.

Now Luig leaves behind not just a best friend but a husband, 3 kids and a grandson. People in the community remember her as a sweet woman devoted to her family and someone who was very involved in the community.

Catlin says, "It's a small community out there. Everybody knows everybody and obviously when something like that happens it hits home and everybody is upset."

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel Six