Quintero, Knights Take Play of the Year!

Hunter Quintero's 45-yard touchdown catch-and-rumble took home over 600 votes to win the online voting for the Newschannel 6 High School Football Play of the Year!

Quintero's play took over 71% of the nearly 850 total votes cast to win.

In the play, which took place during the Knights' 58-8 Regional playoff win over Rockwall-Heath Fulton, Quintero took a pass from QB Danny Otto, then rumbled down the left sideline, leaving a trail of Fulton defenders in his wake.

"It was a nice pass from Danny, and it was good blocking from everybody on the team," said Quintero. "So it was just a nice all-around effort. I just got the ball and I thought I could do something with it."

The School, which has about 50 students in its high school in a given year, turned out a big number of votes. Quintero said he believes support didn't just come from the school.

"I guess it just means a lot of people were watching and liked the play enough to vote for it," Quintero said. "I'm just glad that we were able to win it."

To hear Quintero's complete interview and get another look at his big play, click on the video link!