Another Man Arrested After Accident Killed Iowa Park Man

Another Man Arrested After Accident Killed Iowa Park Man

Another  man was arrested and charged with deadly conduct after an accident that killed an Iowa Park man and left another in the hospital.

31 year-old Chuck Boyd was arrested about a week ago in Vernon, TX.

Charles Edwin Hill was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter for the accident that occurred on January 6.

The 22-year-old was driving the truck and was taken to United Regional Hospital after hitting a power pole on Old Iowa Park Rd.  The Department of Public Safety officials said he was listed in stable condition.

Troopers interviewed Hill at the hospital and observed a strong odor of alcohol.  They asked him for a blood sample and he consented.

After it was sent to the DPS lab in Abilene, the results showed that his alcohol level was at 0.135.

Joseph Sousa, 22-years-old, was a passenger in the pick-up truck and was pronounced dead at the scene.

A third, uninjured passenger in the crash said another vehicle was involved in the crash.  The other vehicle was driven by Boyd.  After the incident, only one 9-1-1 call was made and the caller give details and described Hill's vehicle.  The caller didn't stop and hesitated when asked his name.

The number was traced and the caller was interviewed at his place of employment.  The caller said he was driving around with Boyd in Wichita Falls.  Boyd was the driver and had a few drinks earlier that evening.  Apparently they pulled up to Hill's vehicle at a red stop light, and the back passenger of Hill's vehicle began to curse and ended up throwing a cup of soda at their vehicle.

They followed Hill's pick-up for about 15 minutes on numerous roads at high speeds.

Surveillance footage was obtained from the Mustang Business Park, which showed two vehicles driving through the parking lot.  The vehicles never made contact, but were going at dangerous speeds.

The owner of the second truck said he saw Hill loose control of his vehicle and leave the roadway.

The non-injured passenger told troops that he, Hill and Sousa had been out drinking that night at Whiskeyta and the Lazy Dog Saloon.  He admitted to throwing the soda cup that started the whole altercation.

Hill posted his bail of $15,000.