Incentive Program Expands To MSU Health Care Teaching Volunteers

An incentive program that rewards teaching volunteers who assist the Wilson College of Nursing at Midwestern State University will be expanded to include other non-nursing volunteers who assist the other departments within MSU's College of Health Sciences and Human Services (COHSHS).

The COHSHS relies on its partnerships with area health care and human service facilities to provide practical experiences for its students. At each facility, employees volunteer to work with students as instructors, or preceptors, which accounts for a significant gift of time and talent to MSU. Approximately 300 area health care workers volunteer as preceptors for MSU students.

Current Texas law provides an incentive program for nursing preceptors, where they receive a $500 tuition voucher that may be used at any Texas public college or university. This voucher can be used by the person serving as a preceptor or his/her child. In addition to the tuition voucher, MSU's Wilson School of Nursing offers its preceptors a campus card allowing access to athletic events, performances, the wellness center, and the library.

For the approximately 200 non-nursing preceptors, MSU administration recently granted permission for the COHSHS to model a college-wide program after the nursing preceptor program. MSU will offer a $500 tuition voucher to any COHSHS preceptor who serves in that capacity for at least one long semester in an academic year and provide that individual with a campus card, valid for that semester. This tuition voucher, unlike the state one for nursing programs, would only be redeemable at MSU but still could be used by the preceptor or his/her child.

This gesture of appreciation helps in recruiting clinical sites and demonstrates appreciation for the considerable number of hours volunteered by these preceptors. The COHSHS will begin this program with the Spring 2013 semester.

For more information contact Dr. James Johnston, Interim Dean of the COHSHS at (940) 397-4594.