Fire Destroys Home In Burkburnett

Robert Bell's home on Prestige Rd. in Burkburnett was destroyed by a fire, but he says it was just a typical day for him before it all happened around 11 a.m.

Bell was working in his home office and then stepped out to go into his bedroom. He says he heard the fire alarm but didn't think much of it since it had been going off for no reason in the last few months. About 10 minutes later he headed back to the office.

"When I walked into that room I smelled smoke and saw fire and I went and grabbed a bucket of water, threw it on there and I realized that wasn't going to do a thing," said Bell.

That's when Bell ran outside, grabbed a hose and went back inside to fight the flames that were coming out of a closet. Unfortunately he couldn't even make it back into the office.

Bell says, "The heat coming out of the office was so intense that I've got a few burns and I'm missing a little bit of hair. After that I just grabbed the house phone, dialed 911 and was off the premises."

When firefighters got there flames and smoke were coming out through the roof. Fire officials say it took about 45 minutes to control the blaze but there was little they could save.

Cory Brinkley says, "I believe this house is going to be a complete loss. The fire was so heavy there was not a whole lot we could do at the first point when we first got here."

The roof of the house collapsed and firefighters had to knock down free standing walls to make the area safe for the police to investigate.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Bell will receive assistance from the Red Cross. He'll get some food, clothing and shelter. The Red Cross will place in a hotel temporarily.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6