Security Upgrade at Ben Milam

Some students returning to Ben Milam elementary School in Wichita Falls on Monday morning were met with a slightly different drop-off procedure. Parents who wish to enter the school before classes start will now use a different door, - in full view of a security camera - and have to register at a desk.

Ben Milam Principal Jesse Thomas said he met with his staff before break to address school security. He told Newschannel 6, "During the school day we have all adult visitors sign in. In that 7:30 time before school started, they [parents] were coming in through that cafeteria entrance, and we had it monitored with staff, but we had no record of who was coming and going for breakfast. Now, we're actually able to keep that through a sign in sheet."

Thomas said the majority of students probably won't even notice the change and for many parents it should provide extra piece of mind. He added this small measure is part of an ongoing analysis of school security. "My responsibility is to all 600 kids here so we're definitely going to put whatever procedure we can in place to make sure the kids are safe."

The change is also part of a district-wide review involving law enforcement, educators and many others. WFISD Chief of Security Bill Horton told us about the review team: "There's maintenance personnel and were probably going to go out to Sheppard Air Force Base and get some of their personnel to help us. Then we'll get different levels because everyone sees it differently."

Horton said the district is still working to assemble the review team but in the meantime he's spoken to principals at each school about reviewing their safety procedures with their staff.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6