Rep. Frank Looking Forward to First Legislative Session

Texas lawmakers will have their work cut out for them this session. Tuesday afternoon  legislatures convene for the 83rd session. Newschannel 6 spoke with new District 69 Representative James Frank about some issues he's looking forward to tackling.

When the gavel strikes lawmakers will be hard at work Tuesday. There's a lot of issues on their agendas. People can argue education, others can say gun control but for Rep. Frank, it's about balancing the budget.

"We need to fix what we under-funded last time," he said.

He wasn't in office at the time but he saw the effects of last sessions budget woes
and the cuts of more than $5 billion in funds to public education.

"Public education is one of the primary roles of state government. It's half the budget and it's very important we get it funded correctly."

Representative James Frank said the estimated budget surplus of $8 billion should go to restore funding cuts of the past.

Monday Texas Education Agency reported funds for public education are running $1 billion short. Officials with TEA say they'll need the money to help school districts make their July
expense payments and so they're looking to lawmakers, just as gun control advocates will be

"We each have a right to bear arms and protect ourselves, that's the constitution that's what Texas has always believed and I don't think you make things safer by taking guns out of the hands of honest people," said Rep. Frank.

The 83rd legislature convenes at noon Tuesday. The last day of the session is Monday, May 27th.

Representative James Frank replaced Lanham Lyne. Lyne served one term and did not run again.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6 6.