100 Storm Shelter Rebate Applications Available

Wichita County has been approved for 100 storm shelters under the FEMA's Residential Safe Room Rebate Program.  

The program provides funding to help homeowners install tornado shelters in or nearby their homes. The program is open to single family residences owned by the occupants or being built under ownership by occupant in Wichita County.

Download: Storm Shelter Rebate Application

The program is a rebate program but some installers will accept assignment of the rebate check. Installers must be certified by the American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA) or the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA).  

Rebates are limited to half the cost up to $3,000 and may take 30 to 180 days to receive.

Shelters requesting a FEMA rebate cannot be built in a flood plain or elevated above as shown by FEMA or local maps. In addition, homes over 45 years of age may be required to get clearance by the Texas Historical Commission. A waiver is being sought as the historical approval takes time.

Find: FEMA Floodplain Map

County Judge Woody Gossom and Commissioner Barry Mahler will administer the program for the county.  Applications will be accepted from January 15 - July 15, 2013.  If not all filled, a subsequent period will be opened. The first one hundred completed applications will be filled and a waiting list established.

For more information head to the county website or call 940-766-8101.